GASOLINE is a post Tresspasser Dragon Age: Inquisition roleplay set in 9:50 Wintermarch, Dragon. The Inquisition has been disbanded, refusing to bend knee to the Chantry. Solas knows to much about the inquisition anyways- their weaknesses, fears, names, who their families are. He could use this information to his advantage if they were to revolt against him. He plans on destroying the world, creating a new one in his perfect image. Release the Evanuris, bring the world back to the time of the elves. But, unknown to most of the world, Solas is slowly becoming corrupted- and rumors of the sixth blight and a new archdemon emerging are lose on the tongues of spies and maids alike. The new Inquisition, under it's new alias, works diligently from the shadows and away from the eyes of nobility and the hierarchy of Orlais and Ferelden to gain information and armies to combat this new threat on the horizon. The fate of Thedas is in your hands- what role will you play in it's future? Will you be the light in the storm, or the gasoline that helps it to burn?

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 SOLAS, mage, chaotic good
"I sort to set my people free from slavery to would-be gods." DISCORD: n/a
// // mature?: // Offline
hero class: mage
spec: rift mage
race: elf
introducing the character
Our time is running out. You can't push it underground, You can't stop it screaming out. I wanted freedom. Bound and restricted, I tried to give you up but I'm addicted. Now that you know I'm trapped sense of elation. You'd never dream of breaking this fixation. You will squeeze the life out of me. Bury it, I won't let you bury it. I won't let you smother it, I won't let you murder it
Time is running out - muse

fen' harel
AGE 300+
Fen'Harel. One god of the many elven gods who once had a name. Solas. Prior to becoming Fen'Harel, Solas grew up in a small village. Yet spent a majority of his life wandering between places. During his travels, Solas learned how to control and use magic. During those years, Solas found interest within The Fade. Therefore spent many hours visiting it. There, he would make friends and offer guidance to those that would wander The Fade. Out of choice, he would visit The Fade whilst others would visit during their dreams. Over the years, he met fellow mages, both in and out of The Fade. They were known as The Evanuris or The Creators.

The Evanuris consisted mainly of Mythal and Elgar'nan (although not their original names). The two of them had many children; Falon'Din, Dirthamen, Andruil, Sylaise, and June. There was also another being called Ghilan'nain. The Evanuris stumbled upon fellow elves, yet due to their magic sort to rule over them out of power. Solas did not agree with such a thing, yet upon his questioning did he became friends with one of them, Mythal. She was a kind, caring being of a motherly nature, whom generally came to care about her people. Whilst the others seemed arrogant in their ways and would often squabble among themselves they believed themselves as better than one another. Mythal seemed strong in mind and heart, able to diffuse situations. Yet as time went on, and as petty wars occurred between them did the elves look to them as Good and Bad. Without realizing that the Evanuris were essentially controlling them the elves merely watched. At the same time, they wished to learn about this.. magic that they seemed to possess. The Evanuris through rituals and tradition began to tell them how to live life, what they should and shouldn't do. Yet the elves were too blind to this, believing that they were being protected.

Naturally, praise and worship soon filled the heads of many Evanuris. They soon began to brand their followers with markings known as Vallaslin. Eventually, such a mark become something of a birthright between the elves. Some believed it was a sign of praise from the Evanuris who became revered as Gods. Whilst many of the Evanuris took pride and joy at being worshiped they soon begun to show little care for their fellow elves. The only one who seemed to care was Mythal. Mythal genuinely cared for her people and wished to help them. Over the years, war and arguments begun to break out between the Evanuris, it was Mythal that stepped in to diffuse the situation. In doing so, did she battle Falon'Din who thought it best to start wars in an attempt to gain more followers. So by using his 'followers' as soldiers Mythal, in response called her fellow beings to battle against him. Secondly, it was through her help did she defeat Andruil, who had simply gone mad due to his wanderings within the Void. As the battles continued, did they begin to gain a different name.

Over time, many elves rose up including Solas himself. He saw the injustice that his people suffered, how they were forced into actions out of false belief. He knew that they were too blind to see reason and he wished for them to be free. The Evanuris were false God's that had allowed pride to fill their heads, out of a thirst for power. Solas knew something had to be done. So he formed an alliance with his people, some were later called The Forgotten Ones. Despite what many believed of the Evanuris, this was all false. The Forgotten Ones along with Solas, who had befriended them divulged a plan to free the elves from the service of the false gods. Yet clever as he was, Solas knew that no sooner would The Forgotten ones claim victory would power and leadership prove too tempting. All the while, Solas watched as one by one they rose up in power. In that moment did he decide upon a name. Fen'Harel: The Dread Wolf, for it distilled fear within his enemies yet offered hope for his friends.

Mythal, objected against the Evanuris's actions and did her best to dissuade them. Yet, with tension already high and power within their grasp, The Evanuris betrayed her and killed her. Yet upon her death did she find the Great Flemeth. Knowing now that the Evanuris were not an easy match, and would not die easily. They had gone too far, to kill their own kin so Fen'Harel came up with another plan. The Evanuris knew of the name Fen'Harel but did not know of Solas. So he gained the friendship of the Evanuris, in doing so tricked them. In turn, he also played the Forgotten Ones, they who had developed a growing lust for power. With no alternative and not wishing to kill his friends, whilst knowing they would not win the battle. Solas tricked both sides into believing that the other had a great weapon of destruction. Solas then sent the Forgotten ones into the Abyss or the 'Beyond' and the Creators (Evanuris) into the Heavens. Sealing them away with the Veil, His pride in what he had done and to see his people finally free of the false gods and war Stayed with him. So with what energy spent, rest was needed so he fell into a slumber in an attempt to regain his spent energy. In elven history, all gods were once people or beings. Some of those were truly evil but as years past, many continued to remember the tale of Fen'Harel and of his betrayal. Some continued to fear him, whilst many in turn saw him as a hero.

However.. in doing so did it mount into the destruction of the elves. As a result, the once immortal elves begun to age and die upon the discovery of humans. Many believed that their gods had deemed them unworthy. Where in truth it was actually discovering the Veil between worlds that took immortality from them, causing their connection to The Fade to become blurred. After then, the Tevinter Imperium occurred. Many attempted to return to their old ways but were soon enslaved by the Tevinters. After many centuries living in servitude eventually, they began to lose their history and language. However, Shartan arrived standing beside Andraste. After a long hard battle, The Dales became their freedom and soon some begun to once again worship the 'False Gods' The Creators.

Many years after, Fen'Harel awoke due to the revived worship. To his horror, he then realized what he had done. To see that his people were still somewhat enslaved within Tevinter, subjugated in alienages, persecuted and killed by humans was not what he wanted for them. He too felt like he had lost the connection to The Fade, how quiet it felt. To then see elves wandering the wilds (The Dalish) and clinging onto shadows of ancient elven lore was wrong. They had lost their history, power, culture even their immortality and widespread aptitude for magic. Thus, he had essentially destroyed their world. Having awoken from his slumber still extremely weak he walked among them. watched them, learned of their sorrow and pain. Yet they were nothing like what they had once been. Hurt by this and with his new found knowledge, he began his need to set things right. He held hope that he could still restore what once had been. Solas would free his people one way or another even if it meant destroying the Veil. It would however then mean unleashing the false gods once again, but he had a plan for that...

With the help of his Orb (known as a Foci), an Item that housed strong and particularly focused power that had been built up over the years. This was to be accomplished. Weak, he did not contain the power to re-activate it so did the role of Corypheus come into play. The idea was that Corypheus with all his power would re-activate the orb, but in doing so would die in the process. However, Fen'Harel had not anticipated the Magister's knowledge. Although the Orb was active Corypheus was still alive. Fen'Harel decided he needed to reclaim the Orb himself. During his search, Solas discovered that a being had interfered during the ritual disrupting it. Such an act caused a Breach to rip open a hole in the sky between the worlds. That being then become the 'Herald of Andraste' due to a glowing mark upon their hand. Without the Orb in his possession, an idea occurred to him that he could perhaps use this being and their mark to enter The Fade.

It was during this time he met with a Seeker, Cassandra Pentaghast, dwarf rogue Varric Tethras and the Herald of Andraste. Aligning himself with them, after having learned about a being who has supposedly walked out of the Fade. Intrigued by the mark the Herald had acquired Solas researched the mark, tested it but it offered no help. With that plan, abandoned Solas decided that the Herald was perhaps his best chance at reclaiming the Orb. With that in mind, Solas continued on his journey with the Herald. Issues aside between the Herald and Cassandra themselves, Solas was able to derive a plan. Such a plan would essentially close the Breach and allow him to acquire the Orb. Solas took up the role as companion and adviser on all things Breach-related.

Assisting, and also manipulating the Herald (later Inquisitor) in his own way. Solas helped the Inquisitor throughout her journey. When Corypheus lay slain. Solas disappeared....


Solas is a rather difficult being to make friends with. He's rather opinionated and will speak his mind. offering his opinion even when it's not wanted. However, if you by some chance manage to make a friend out of him. You can bet, that he's got your back. That is.. if he's not out gathering elves or plotting the end of the world.. Generally speaking, Solas is more inclined to be friend an elf than a human -shrugs- that's just who he is.


Being an elf, Solas naturally sticks out. Due to his past and the history that surround elves. Solas will instantly have a small dislike for humans. However, that first impression is something that can be swiftly shifted. In short, any who own slaves to have dabbled in the area of slaves. Solas will dislike you just as much. He fights for freedom and has a strong opinion for those 'caged' or chained. With all that has happened, Solas has in actual fact warmed marginally up to humans. (which doesn't mean he's more than likely going to actually like you) Believing there is still some good, yet despite that. He can still see the corruption mankind has caused.


Sweet and Simple. Solas is as old as time! He has no interest in human female companions. If you are not Lavellen he doesn't want to know! You may well try but you'd get no where. That, and considering he's as old as hell... you'd probably die before him several times over..

SKYPE>> masochisticdan GMT >> LONDON
So! Hey there! the name's Dan I have been rple playing for like.. 20 plus years all over the shope from assassins creed to dragon age. I have recently played dragon age inquisition like.. over and over again cause I just love it. Solas is my fav character along with Cullen. I hope I do Solas some justice for you guys! You can contact me via PM or Skype, I also have discord if you wanna know that. Lastly! I am a huge animal lover with like.. two horses, two dogs and a cat. As you do! anyway I'll be around!

user posted image
""when there are no cops around, everything is legal!"" DISCORD: mochairishcreme#3689
she/her // central // mature?: hell yes // Offline
hero class: mage
spec: necromancer
race: elf

Welcome to Gasoline! We are super stoked to have you here! Your app was super swell and I was sooooo excited for this app. Like I couldn't wait for you to say he was finished, Dan! Aside from a few grammatical errors, he is perfect. <3 I can't wait to see how he interacts with Asha.

Now that you have been approved, please fill out all appropriate claims:
MEMBER DIRECTORY - with your OCC account

Thank you for joining the Gasoline family, and happy roleplaying!

Don't forget: now that you have been accepted, you can start shipping with other characters! Go crazy!

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