GASOLINE is a post Tresspasser Dragon Age: Inquisition roleplay set in 9:50 Wintermarch, Dragon. The Inquisition has been disbanded, refusing to bend knee to the Chantry. Solas knows to much about the inquisition anyways- their weaknesses, fears, names, who their families are. He could use this information to his advantage if they were to revolt against him. He plans on destroying the world, creating a new one in his perfect image. Release the Evanuris, bring the world back to the time of the elves. But, unknown to most of the world, Solas is slowly becoming corrupted- and rumors of the sixth blight and a new archdemon emerging are lose on the tongues of spies and maids alike. The new Inquisition, under it's new alias, works diligently from the shadows and away from the eyes of nobility and the hierarchy of Orlais and Ferelden to gain information and armies to combat this new threat on the horizon. The fate of Thedas is in your hands- what role will you play in it's future? Will you be the light in the storm, or the gasoline that helps it to burn?

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 lavellan, taeris, rogue, chaotic good.
"i need your love before i fall." DISCORD: CORI_WONDERLAND#1774
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hero class: rogue
spec: tempest
race: elf
introducing the character
save me, save me. i need your love before i fall.

AGE 26
I was born into the Lavellan Clan, a Dalish community wandering the wilderness in the northern Free Marches. My parents felt blessed to have been given a son, and vowed to teach me all they could so I could survive in the harsh world that is Thedas. As a child, I was quick and nimble on my feet, showing an inclination toward being a rogue once I learned how to fight, but my true passion lay in the art of creation. Even before I could talk, I was experimenting, mixing ingredients together to see what mess they would make and how it would react to various elements. As I grew older, my curiosity only grew, and I spent my off times scrounging the forest for plants and minerals that I needed, and buying the rest from human traders with whom I gave valuables that I found in old ruins of the forest (so long as they were not Dalish in origin). When I was ten years old, the Keeper recognized the talent in me, and contacted other Dalish clans to find someone who could refine my skill in potion-making. A teacher finally came, from the Sylvari Clan in southern Tevinter, and through her I learned how to make potions, tonics, poisons, and my personal favorite, explosives. I created new recipes, and recorded my work, keeping accurate logs of all the properties of the ingredients I used - what was safe to ingest, and what could be deadly when combined.

Throughout my training, I also was given a physical education as well. After testing me with various weapons to see which I would become better acclimated to, it was decided that I would focus on dual wielding, the weight of two small daggers in my hand. I was still stealthy, able to cling to shadows and move through the forest without uttering a sound. The Clan Elders had big plans for me, although at the time, I had no idea how dangerous those plans would be. If I did, maybe I never would have said yes. But the past is the past. Our Clan was different from other clans; we openly traded with the humans and even respected a few, although we still worked to preserve our own culture. As a teenage, I was mostly sent into the forest, to rifle through old ruins and locate remnants of our past. To this day, I have no found anything more interesting than wall carvings depicting some of our legends, and an old statue of a halla, which could symbolize the goddess Ghila'nain, Mother of the Halla and Goddess of Navigation. But other than that, I was not too lucky in finding things of actual importance.

The Fifth Blight came and went, and we tried to help our neighbors as much as we could, offering food and warm clothing to Ferelden refugees who had been turned away at the gates of the cities, which were severely overpopulated from the influx of Fereldens fleeing the Blight. Our lives did not really change, and we never encountered many darkspawn in the Free Marches, thanks to the wandering Grey Wardens who took out the stragglers. During the year 9:40 Dragon, however, our world was turned upside down. The Mage-Templar War was inciting panic in the world, and our Keeper observed that there would be a Chantry conclave, a meeting which sought to end the war by negotiating compromises. The Keeper knew that whatever decisions made there could impact not just the future of the Dalish Clans, but of all elves, including the ones who were subjugated in the cities. The Keeper decided to send a spy into the camp, sending her First, Asharen, to scout out the proceedings and report back to her. She became the Inquisitor. At the same time, the Keeper made a decision to send her best soldiers into the Alienages across Thedas, to try to help those elves they could, and bring an end to the persecution. I was sent to the Denerim Alienage, to pose as an elf looking for a wife from the city. I became an Infiltrator, designed to get in and out of places that elves could not normally escape.

The trip to the Ferelden was long and hard, and I could see how the Blight had ravaged the countryside. Buildings were destroyed, areas of land were barren from the taint, and the stink of corpses was still ripe in the air, as many of the dead still had not been burned. When I reached Denerim, I was forced to hide my weapons outside the city gates, for an elf could not go in armed (unless you were lucky enough to travel with the Warden of Ferelden) without raising suspicions and being dropped immediately into the Alienage. This was not a problem for me though, for my mind was the weapon, weaving together concoctions that could maim and kill just by being sniffed. I ended up being thrown into the Alienage anyway, and the depravity they lived in angered my very soul. I wanted to cry for the poverty that I saw and if I could, I would have launched a rebellion to get them all out. But that was not my mission - no, it was to remain unseen, to listen to the whispers of the nobles, and take out individual elves to liberate them from their chains. City Elves were not like Dalish Elves, but regardless, the Keeper wanted to educate them, to show them our history and allow them to choose their own path. I was not in the Alienage long before a noble came hunting, picking elves to come with him to his home to serve him as servants...or worse, playthings in the bedroom. I had ensured that I would be chosen, for it was in homes like his that I would find the most hopeless elves, and be able to get them to safety.

When I arrived at the home, I noticed an elf that was already a servant there, a beautiful girl with long white-blonde hair that fell in soft curly waves past her shoulders. She poured the wine, cooked his food, and laundered his clothes, but there was an emptiness in her that struck a chord in my heart. I befriended her, telling her what I could of the outside, and teaching her how to read, and the basics of defending herself. I had heard before the intended siege before it happened. Frantically, I had searched the estate for her, for this was the moment to free her from the noble and get her to safety with my clan. When I found her, her clothes were ripped from her body, and she stumbled into my arms, tears falling down her pale face. I was angry - how dare he put his hands on her when it was unwanted? With only a few seconds left to make a decision, I gave her spare clothes, keeping her out of sight while the clang of swords rang behind me and shouts echoed down the long hallways. I pushed her toward the door and made her leave, but she fought me. I could not leave, not yet. Saving one person was not my mission and I would not leave the Denerim Alienage until I had freed as many as possible, and learned the secrets of what was going on in the world to report back to the Keeper. As she slipped out the door, I told her to find my clan, the Lavellans, but I do not know if she ever made it to them. She was distressed when I sent her away, but I pray to the gods and goddesses that she made it there, and that she is safe.

I remained in the Alienage and the noble was able to quell the invading forces, with losses on both sides, and to my horror, some of the elven servants were cut down as well. There were ten others still alive, some barely older than thirteen years old, and I was determined to get them out, to give them a better life as Elves. This noble was not like the other humans we traded with - we traded with good humans, ones who believed we should have equal rights, same as them. The noble discovered that I let his prize possession go, and he beat me for it. I bit my tongue, for I was not going to strike against him. I was a spy, and no one could learn my true purpose there, or I could risk the lives of everyone involved. But one day, I would be finished, and I would return to my clan victorious.

friends: Taeris makes friends easily - he gets along well with virtually anyone, aside from truly evil and degenerate people, as he does not understand their hatred and cruelty. He has close friendships within his clan, and of course in the nobles' home, most of them being the servants. He has a few close human friends that he trades with often as well, although these people are known for being outspoken about equal elf rights.

enemies: Taeris tries not to make too many enemies, as he believes there is enough hatred in the world without adding any more. However, he views certain human nobles as enemies, for they strike against the elves with no purpose, only the hatred and depraved thoughts that caused them to torture and hurt their prey.

lovers: Taeris has had a few lovers in the past, mostly when he was with the clan. In the Alienage, he is too busy to deal with developing a romantic relationship, especially when his friendship with one almost cost him the lives of all the other slaves. This is pretty much open here!

you all know me at this point.
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Welcome to Gasoline! We are super stoked to have you here! Taeris seems like he'll ana amazing new addition to your group of charries, Alice! Beautifully written app, we already love him, can't wait to see him around the site! Don't forget to do your claims!

Now that you have been approved, please fill out all appropriate claims:
MEMBER DIRECTORY - with your OCC account

Thank you for joining the Gasoline family, and happy roleplaying!

Don't forget: now that you have been accepted, you can start shipping with other characters! Go crazy!

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