GASOLINE is a post Tresspasser Dragon Age: Inquisition roleplay set in 9:50 Wintermarch, Dragon. The Inquisition has been disbanded, refusing to bend knee to the Chantry. Solas knows to much about the inquisition anyways- their weaknesses, fears, names, who their families are. He could use this information to his advantage if they were to revolt against him. He plans on destroying the world, creating a new one in his perfect image. Release the Evanuris, bring the world back to the time of the elves. But, unknown to most of the world, Solas is slowly becoming corrupted- and rumors of the sixth blight and a new archdemon emerging are lose on the tongues of spies and maids alike. The new Inquisition, under it's new alias, works diligently from the shadows and away from the eyes of nobility and the hierarchy of Orlais and Ferelden to gain information and armies to combat this new threat on the horizon. The fate of Thedas is in your hands- what role will you play in it's future? Will you be the light in the storm, or the gasoline that helps it to burn?

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 BRUTA, NOVIA [m], mage, chaotic evil
"You saw a sinner, saw a saint inside of me You wanna know if I'm a friend or an enemy" DISCORD: mochairishcreme#3689
she/her // central // mature?: hell yes // Offline
hero class: mage
spec: blood mage
race: human
trigger warning for violent content, mature rating for sexual content

introducing the character
I waged war in a fiery blaze
I found peace in a purple haze
My angels and my demons
They don't know their place
Ready or not, they're gonna come out and play
I can be your heavenly or I can be your hell
I can say a prayer for you or I can cast a spell
I push you to the darkness just to pull you to the light
Cause I can take away your breath or I can bring you back to life
half god half devil - in this moment

AGE Forty
D.O.B 01 Nubulis
CLASS Inferno - Blood Mage
PLAYBY Maria Brink
Chaotic Evil

On the first day of Nubulis, year 9:06 Dragon, Nova was born under the name Novia Socellia Aemilia Milonia Burta- her name comprising of a long line of noble Bruta women. Socellia was the first matriarch to the Bruta family and by far one of the most powerful women in the Bruta lineage, Aemilia was Nova’s great grandmother on her father’s side and single handedly lead the family after her husband Galerius was poisoned and killed; many speculated at the time if Aemilia was in fact the one that poisoned her husband so she could become head of the family, Milonia was her mother’s name and Novia was a name given to her to be unique- the first of its kind, signifying that she was going to be one of the greats in the Bruta lineage alongside Socellia and Aemilia. Her parents Julianus and Cloelia- both of relation in the Bruta family but Cleolia was born to a lesser side branch of the family and were distant enough cousins that incest wasn’t an issue in Nova’s birth- couldn’t have been more pleased with the platinum blond haired princess they brought into the world. They named her after a nova- an astronomical event that causes the appearance of a bright new star, setting her up for the expectation to blind the world with her spectacle.

Nova was only five years old when she first began showing signs of magic, and at that point her parents realized just how dark the child was- because she had set her nanny ablaze with inferno magic. Her parents couldn’t send her to the circle quick enough, rushing in hopes that her time at the circle would calm whatever evil swelled inside her; but her parent’s cries came on deaf ears. Just weeks after joining the circle, at the tender age of ten, Nova had already attacked and nearly killed one of the apprentices- severely burning, if not scarring, the child. Nova was severely punished and in turn was sentenced to six months of solitary confinement and minimum contact because of it. At that point, Nova had made up her mind to not cause trouble- in the public eye at least. It was too much hassle to either cover her tracks to make sure she didn’t get punished, and the punishment itself was too much of a hassle to deal with.

From that point on she slipped into the role of a Magister’s daughter quite nicely. She was poised, educated, well-spoken and fiercely intelligent. Nova spent a total of nine months in solitary confinement before the First Enchanter allowed her to be removed from solitary confinement and after she was freed, Novia decided that she would stay in the shadows- hide her true intentions and plot her revenge against her family for abandoning her.

Her brother Galerius Julian Faustus Gaius Hostus was born, letters from her parents came less and less- and soon they were almost non-existent. Nova was scorned, enraged that her parents could so easily replace their eldest child. When Nova was sixteen, she decided that she was going to make her parents pay- in the most passionate, personal way possible. After leaving the circle and returning to the Bruta estate, Novia hatched the plan to kill her family after she turned nineteen. One night, while her brother slept, she used her inferno magic to burn her brother in his sleep, set her mother on fire as Cleolia begged for mercy, and her father fought back during the attack- being a mage as well, he was able to stand his own against his daughter. His moment of weakness came when Nova feigned injury and begged him not to kill her, providing the opportunity for him to drop his guard and she was able to strike a critical blow against him. To make their death look accidental, she set her own home ablaze.

With the death of her parents, she sat on a throne of bone- becoming the heir to the Bruta family name and took her father’s place in the Magisterium. Rumors circulated around her family’s death- the cause of death was enough to rise suspicion in the elders of the Magisterium. Nova paid their whispers no mind, and continued to play the part of a poised noblewoman. When she turned twenty-five she married fellow noble Mettius Faustinaianus- the man taking the Bruta name because Novia refused to let go of her family’s name; and with her being the only Bruta left to the famly, Mettius agreed to allow for a continuation of the Bruta name.

The marriage was fruitless- soon the couple found that Mettius was sterile and unable to provide her with a child- which was something far from Novia’s mind when they were “trying” to conceive. Novia was not maternal and had no intention of becoming nothing more than a breeding bitch for her less than average lover. Using his infertility as a moment of opportunity, she allowed herself to become engrossed in less than sane activities.

When she turned thirty, she formed a cult known as “Vox Cecidimus”- Voice of the Fade in tribute to the demon that first whispered such sweet seductions that fueled her ferocity. The Vox Cecidimus worked in the shadows, the underbelly of Tevinter, the main headquarters of the group being in the burned skeleton of the prior Bruta manor. It was the perfect place to conduct such séances and rituals that Nova so insanely lead. Nova was obsessed with blood magic- she had been ever since First Enchanter Titus first allowed her a small taste of the power it provided.

The cult summoned demons, using their magic to bind the shade to the summoning mage’s will and tethering the shade to a human counterpart. If the mage wasn’t able to control the shade, they were killed- often times by Nova’s hand. She had no patience for the weak, and she wasn’t about to let the weak in her order. Killing her family was just the start- the birth of such a twisted and dark soul that had bigger plans for Tevinter. Working in the comfort of the shadows, Nova planned on overthrowing the archon, sitting on his throne and plunging the nation into one of darkness and chaos.

Using her sexuality and assets as a woman, Nova was able to seduce men and women alike to either join the cult as members, or as sacrifices- sometimes even murdering her victim during the sexual act and performing the blood ritual at that time instead of at the manor. Mettius is none the wiser in concerns to her sexual endeavors, or even the Vox Cecidimus. Suspicions are beginning to arise however, as Mettius is noticing Nova’s absence more and more with each passing day.


01 Nubulis, 9:16 Dragon
The First Enchanter Titus said that I should keep a journal, to help me keep track of my thoughts and my wrongdoings. I don’t understand why they are reacting the way that they are. It’s not like I meant to kill Enchanter Blandia’s apprentice. Severus pulled on my hair, and I didn’t like it. I told him if he did it again that I would hurt him. He didn’t believe me. I don’t understand why they’re being like this- keeping me in my own room, locking me away like a prisoner. This is troublesome. Maybe I should just do what they tell me to do? Maybe I should just be a good girl. Maybe. Enough writing for now, I’m bored of this.

18 Cassus, 9:16 Dragon
Father sent me a letter today that him and mother had a baby. It was a boy, they named him Galerius Julian Faustus Gaius Hostus. I don’t understand why Mother and Father insist on giving their children such long, ludicrous names. I mean, who can understand my name being Novia Socellia Aemilia Milonia Bruta? That’s a mouthful for the announcer at the parties. I would much rather just be Novia Bruta, or even just Novia. Father says that my name is meant to be unique- that there has never been a Novia born into the family. That I’ll do great things. I hope he’s right. First Enchanter Titus said that if I behave, I can finally come out of solidary. I’ve been here for nine months now, I don’t want to be here any longer.

25 Solis, 9:19 Dragon
Hello again Journal. I know I haven’t written in you for a while. It’s daunting having to keep up this façade- being the perfect daughter to my father’s legacy. I hate having to pretend to be something I’m not. It’s getting to be a hassle to keep up this persona that I’ve been forced to portray. It’s like my father is ashamed of me- maybe he will replace me with Julian when the brat is old enough. I don’t understand why my parents needed to have another child- wasn’t I enough? Wasn’t I good enough? I just don’t understand it Journal. I want to make him pay, and my mother too. Maybe someday I will.

01 Nubulis, 9:22 Dragon
I apologize for not writing to you more Journal. But today marks my sixteenth birthday, and the day that I will be chosen a master for an apprenticeship. Rumor has it that I am to become apprentice to First Enchanter Titus; but those could just be rumors. I haven’t heard much from Mother and Father, they are more than likely engrossed with raising Galerius- I have more than likely been replaced by the disgusting child. I haven’t even met him in the six years that he has been on this Earth but I already don’t like him. I’ll make him pay for taking my parents away from me, and I’ll make Mother and Father pay for tossing me aside.

10 Verimensis, 9:24 Dragon
I am almost eighteen years old Journal, and that means I’ll be partaking in the Harrowing soon. I keep hearing voices, strange worrisome voices. They tell me that I’m going to fail the Harrowing, that I’m going to give in to the temptation of the demon and I’m going to become an abomination. I’ll show them. I’m not weak, and I’m not going to let some lesser being control me. Father has decided that Galerius will be the head to the family- regardless of if he shows promise as a mage or not. He hasn’t shown magic ability yet and he is already eight years old. I can’t understand how father can do that to me. I don’t understand what I did wrong. Have I been nothing but dutiful? Have I not been the perfect daughter? I have made mistakes yes, but not for many years. I did everything to be the perfect daughter, the perfect heir. What did I do wrong?

25 Molioria, 9:24 Dragon
My Harrowing was today, Journal. I almost failed- I almost gave in to the temptation of the demon. She said that she could help me in getting revenge against my parents. That I deserved better- that I should be the heir to the family name. I don’t understand how the demon knew all these personal things; but I didn’t complain. She gave me some of her power, she allowed me to have some of her strength. And it feels good, Journal. The power surging through me is much stronger than before- she can teach me more than the First Enchanter can. When I woke from the dream, the Templar had a dagger to my throat- ready to kill me. And I in turn, killed him. I could see the lust in his eyes, the want to spill my blood. He was corrupted, so I murdered him in his chambers. I’m not going to let anyone look at me like that again.

05 Frumentum, 9:25 Dragon
*blood splatters stain the page, mixing in with the ink as Nova writes* I did it Journal. I killed them. It was almost too easy. Father struggled, he fought to defend Mother. Galerius was also easy to kill- I did the task as he slept- my magic burning him. The smell was horrible, the skin turning black and puss filled boils bubbled on his skin. He didn’t even wake up, Journal. It was kind of a disappointment- not being able to hear him scream, beg for mercy as I took his life. I didn’t even get to see the life drain from his eyes. Mother begged for mercy before I killed her- the sound was sweet on my ears. It made me want to hear her beg more, to barter for her life and plead with me to show her mercy. It was euphoric Journal, and now I can’t help but want more. Father was harder to kill. He was a mage as well, so he was able to deflect my spells fairly easily. But I caught him off guard- for as much as he said that he hated me, he couldn’t strike the final blow when I feigned injury, weakness. I am not weak, I will never be weak again. And I will take what is rightfully mine.

19 Solis, 9:31 Dragon
Today is my marriage day, Journal. I’m not thrilled about the arrangement- but the Faustinaianus family- no matter how long and flamboyant the name is- is a good noble family, crucial for me to be able to keep up this façade. Mettius is a kind man, weak and spineless in his compassion. He’ll be easy to manipulate, bend to my will. He agreed to take the Bruta name, instead of me becoming one of the Faustinaianus. I used the excuse of continuing the Bruta legacy for wanting him to take my name; and to no surprise it worked. The man is gullible, idiotic, and it seems that he already will do what I say. He’s a perfect pawn to my plan, Journal.

14 Eluviesta, 9:32 Dragon
The voices keep getting worse, Journal. The more I practice blood magic. It’s hurts- it feels like I’m being pulled in different directions and I have no choice but to follow the path that has been chosen for me, even though I scarcely know what it is yet. The only escape I have is to provide the voice with blood- either my own of performing a twisted ritual, sacrificing another human and draining their life force. It seems to appease this voice- and I can do nothing to stop the killing. The blood on my hands, the smell deafens my senses and I want nothing more but to kill, and kill, and kill.

18 Umbralis, 9:36 Dragon
The voices will not stop, Journal. And I have found others like me, those that perverse the use of blood magic and use it for the evil that it was truly created for. We have created the Vox Cecidimus- the cult known as the Voice of the Fade. I have created a base, a home, in the remains of my childhood home. It only seemed fitting, being that was the place where it all began. The voices of the demons are stronger here- the whisper dark things to me that I would have never thought of on my own. They tell me that to bind shades to this world, to destroy the monarchy of Tevinter, to burn the nation and rebirth it from its ashes in a new, darker world. I want to Journal, I want this more than I have ever wanted anything in my life. Mettius doesn’t suspect a thing, he is suspicious but I often tell him that my nightly meetings have to deal with the Magisterium and he seems to believe it. For now. I don’t know how long I can put up this charade with him, but if needed I’ll kill him, just as I killed my parents.

25 Nubulis, 9:38 Dragon
Today’s victim was fun to play with Journal. He was one related to a Magister. He wasn’t in the Magisterium, thankfully, otherwise that would have been troublesome. He caught me at the tavern, which isn’t hard to do since that’s where I frequent to find my victims. I played a hand in his intoxication, I encouraged it. His breath was sick with the smell of sweet wine when he took me back to his home. It was easy to seduce him- I wondered if it would have been just as easy if he had been sobered compared to drunk off his ass. He forced me to my knees, forced his member into my mouth. The mixed taste of sweat and skin and nauseating- and he was forcing me to suck on him, holding my head tightly in his hands. It was easy for me to kill him at this point- I wanted to kill him at that point. No one controls me. Using the dagger concealed in my thigh holster, I cut it off- the taste of blood and precum was sweet. The sound of him squealing like a pig was sweeter. As he flailed, falling to the floor in pain he writhed. I stabbed him in the chest, over and over and over and I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop. It felt to good journal. The blood I collected was powerful, and it tasted sweet against my lips. I took all that I could and fed it to the demon that has bound itself to me. I just realized that she is the demon that whispered to me in the Fade during my Harrowing. I allowed her to come to this world, latched to my soul and slowly pulling me to insanity. And the sad part, Journal, is that I like the insanity. It is my home now.

platonic When Nova began practicing blood magic she pretty much cut off all ties aside from the underground cult she is apart of. She has no family and she doesn't associate with any of the noble circle she once found her self apart of. She is incredibly unstable, but given her noble birth, she knows the right words to say and she can force honey to drip from her words. She's incredibly manipulative and knows how to get what she wants.

enemies Nova has made enemies, that's no doubt. This list mainly consists of the families of those she's killed, corrupted, or otherwise. She also more than likely has some enemies in the Magisterium as well because many of the families in the Magisterium believe that the Bruta family should no longer be a part of the Magisterium given Nova's violent and unstable nature.

lovers Currently Nova is bound in a loveless, sexless marriage. She is quite a sexual person, and often uses sex to get what she wants; but in terms of actual love, she can't feel love- she is aromantic and is only in it for the sex and power it brings. So nothing but drama here.

Y'all should know me by now- this is my twelfth character after all..
"You saw a sinner, saw a saint inside of me You wanna know if I'm a friend or an enemy" DISCORD: mochairishcreme#3689
she/her // central // mature?: hell yes // Offline
hero class: mage
spec: blood mage
race: human
This little psycho is fin. <3
"No day but today." DISCORD: cori_wonderland#1774
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hero class: Warrior
spec: Blood Made
race: Human

Welcome to Gasoline! We are super stoked to have you here! Ugh, this character is literally too fucking perfect, Mocha! We love how evil and demented she is and can't wait to see her around the site wreaking havoc! Go Team Evil! Don't forget to do your claims!

Now that you have been approved, please fill out all appropriate claims:
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Thank you for joining the Gasoline family, and happy roleplaying!

Don't forget: now that you have been accepted, you can start shipping with other characters! Go crazy!

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