GASOLINE is a post Tresspasser Dragon Age: Inquisition roleplay set in 9:50 Wintermarch, Dragon. The Inquisition has been disbanded, refusing to bend knee to the Chantry. Solas knows to much about the inquisition anyways- their weaknesses, fears, names, who their families are. He could use this information to his advantage if they were to revolt against him. He plans on destroying the world, creating a new one in his perfect image. Release the Evanuris, bring the world back to the time of the elves. But, unknown to most of the world, Solas is slowly becoming corrupted- and rumors of the sixth blight and a new archdemon emerging are lose on the tongues of spies and maids alike. The new Inquisition, under it's new alias, works diligently from the shadows and away from the eyes of nobility and the hierarchy of Orlais and Ferelden to gain information and armies to combat this new threat on the horizon. The fate of Thedas is in your hands- what role will you play in it's future? Will you be the light in the storm, or the gasoline that helps it to burn?

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 LAVELLAN, ASHAREN, mage, chaotic good
""she wants a warrior lover... with wild eyes, strong hands and a poetic heart."" DISCORD: mochairishcreme#3689
// // mature?: // Offline
hero class: mage
spec: rift mage
race: elf
trigger warning: rape

introducing the character
she was powerful,
not because she wasn't scared
but because she went on so strongly,
despite the fear.

she was born wild and curious.
a cage is no place for someone like that.

" i play with the fire of my own truth, "
she told me
" i will burn for the things i love. "
↠ you were born on the last day of wintermarch- which is ironic for a child blessed with the gift of fire to be born during the winter.

↠ you were regarded to be a wild rose, consuming all that you grow around and unable to be tamed. growing in the free marches was not a place for a wild rose such as yourself. you wanted to fly on the wings of the raven, scouring the earth to find wonders and adventures alike.

↠ it was no surprise to your keeper that you manifested a talent for magic at a young age. it was even less of a surprise that the magic you manifested was aligned with the inferno element. it seemed that the flames dancing around your fingertips was natural- as if they were a manifestation of your soul.

↠ your clan was unlike other dalish clans. the lavellan clan migrated through the feuding free marches, along the boarders of each city-state's territory. you grew up with constant contact with humans, as well as dwarves; but was kept out of the watchful eye of the templars and mage circles. keeper deshanna istimaethoriel lavellan kept you out of sight of prying eyes- noting that you were born for a greater purpose.

↠ a human boy called you 'sharon' because he couldn't correctly pronounce asharen once and you punched him in the nose, making him cry... and making your clan have to leave the town and more than likely never come back.

↠ you would call your keeper deshi because you could not pronounce her full name when you were a child. your parents were killed by templars during infancy; and deshi was the only maternal figure you had ever known. even from a young age, it was instilled in you that you were to be the next in succession for keeper- so you had an image to uphold.

↠ you were told by your keeper that you were to be poised, calm and collected at all times; but you could not douse the fire in your heart, and even as a child you were wild and un-tamable. whispers amongst other members of the clan circulated that you were going to drive the clan to ruin, because you couldn't learn your place. but you knew that you would bring your clan forward, you wouldn't run, wouldn't back down. you pledged to protect your clan at whatever cost.

i like the smell of the earth,
the touch of waves,
the taste of berries,
the sight of trees,
the sound of laughter,
and the feeling of being fully alive.
↠ your first staff was a simple weapon of wood and iron, blessed with the power of fire to hone your inferno abilities.

↠ even though you would never admit it, you like the feeling of the fire dancing on your fingertips. even thought it didn't burn you, the warmth was comforting like a warm blanket engulfing your body.

↠ you were given the name "fire dancer" by your keeper, as a joking nod towards your personality and capabilities.

↠ after gaining enough control over your powers, you began to go on longer "adventures" (even at thirteen-fourteen years of age), and began traveling outside of the reach of protection by your clan. there were times when you wouldn't return to your clan's camp for days, but you never strayed long enough for you to not know your clans whereabouts. you always planned accordingly with dashi's travel schedule.

be wild.
be outrageous.
be anything but normal.
be a sea of magic in the world
full of deadened eyes.
↠ your first love was a human, and at the age of fourteen you were naive to the world of men and was unaware of the ways of men. it was easy for him to snake his way into your heart with charming words and petty gifts. this boy took you in the most forceful of ways, stealing away your innocence as you protested, deflowering your body and you could do nothing to fight back. all rationality escaped you, and you couldn't think to use your magic as your mind was clouded from pain, and the boy overpowered you.

↠ you still hadn't fully learned to control your magic, and you couldn't contain yourself as your magic engulfed the barn that he dragged you to, slowly destroying the structure of the building and turning the body of the boy to smoldering ash as he screamed in pain- slowly burning to death.

↠ you couldn't take your eyes off of the boy in front of you, and that is when you got your first taste of death. you didn't know if you were more terrified of the fact that you just watched another soul burn to death

or that you enjoyed it.

↠ witnesses attested that there was an elf fleeing as the fires continued to rage and engulf the barn; and nearly destroyed the house a few yards away from the blazing building. to once again protect you from the world, your clan vanished. it was one of the first and last times you saw such a disappointment in deshi's eyes that even you could feel her sorrow. ↠ it was still whispered that you were not fit to be the next keeper for the lavellan clan. you were too hasty, too rash, and the last person that muttered this fact in your presence mysteriously had their trouser leg caught on fire.

↠ even though dashi would never say it, you were a disappointment at times. and even though you swore to yourself you would never see the look of disappointment touch her eyes again. it was hard for you to go against your personality, go against who you were.

↠ when your connection with the fade grew stronger, you began to dream in the fade. the marvelous tales of the past dancing before your eyes made you almost wish you didn't have to return to reality. but if you had never returned, what would have become of this world?

wanderlust consumed her;
foreign hearts
and exotic minds
compelled her.
she had a gypsy soul
and a vibrant hope
for the unknown.
↠ you were chosen to spy on the conclave hosted by the human divine- dashi fearing that the outcome would have an effect on the dalish and more specifically your clan.

↠ you had to travel to the temple of sacred ashes -- because that name didn't make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. why humans named their temples in such a morbid and downright creepy fashion was beyond you

↠ you were stupid to seek out an issue that wasn't yours to get involved in- the divine called out to you for help and you had to investigate. you thought that being caught in the explosion was the worst of your problems. you thought that being woken up to a searing pain that engulfed your entire left hand and part of your forearm was the worst of it. the interrogation was nothing compared to the hell that you had been through the last twenty four hours. and then you saw the breach. fuck

↠ learning to control this mark that was now sending waves of pain throughout your entire left arm seemed to be a blessing. as you learned to control it, the pain slowly started to subside. but no one knows what the hell this thing is, so how are you supposed to know that it's slowly killing you? but hey, it can theoretically seal the big, green glowing breach in the sky and save everyone right?

↠ you had a slight breakdown after being named the "herald of andraste", because for one: that is so wrong for so many reasons, and for two: who the fuck wants to become some hero of the world at 21 years of age. i mean come on

↠ it wasn't hard for you to fall in love with solas. he was free, he has views on your culture that you yourself didn't even think of. it was like he was the calm to your storm, and he tamed the wild fire in you. it wasn't hard for you to fall in love with him, but it was harder for you to tell yourself that falling in love during a war was just asking for trouble.

↠ it was only second nature that you wanted to help the mages, you didn't know what was going on; but you knew that alexius was bad news. against your better judgement, you helped the templars. and boy, wasn't that a wild ride.

↠ facing an envy demon that wanted to steal your face, doesn't sound too hard right? it was hard for you to not allow the creature to do with your body as it wished. because now that you had a small taste of power, it was sweet against your lips.

↠ if cole hadn't been there to guide you, you don't know what would have happened.

↠ even after the breach was closed and the celebrations began, the fear never went away. even in the midst of peace you knew that the war wasn't over. you could feel it in the hairs that stood up on the back of your neck or the tingling in the tips of your ears. ↠ who the fuck is corypheus is he that glowing half human-half red lyrium mine thing that is marching on towards haven with an army of brain washed mages and a fucking archdemon/dragon/thing? nothing could go wrong there!

↠ walking through how ever many miles of snow, and cold, and ice is not a walk in the park. but hey, at least now you can use your mark to suck demons back into the fade. that's fun.

true chaos
comes from the garden of your soul
where the wild flowers
↠ defeating corypheus was easy, you just had to fight a demi-human who somehow harnessed the power of the gods and became a raving lunatic. what was so hard about that?

↠ dealing with the exhaulted council, helping chose a new divine, and dealing with humans in general is a pain.

↠ when it came down to it, you recommended leliana over cassandra for divine. nothing personal against cassandra, but you wanted to have cassandra at your disposal in case you needed her again; and it would be hard to call upon her if she was playing divine victoria. and you never really liked vivienne enough to give her any thought.

↠ you were given the choice of kneeling to the chantry or disbanding the inquisition. -- no second thoughts there.

↠ you thought you could just go home after all this, possibly get back to being trained to be keeper. you thought wrong.

if only those sad eyes
could see
the happy moments
those eyes have left to see
"var lath vir suledin."

↠ you felt played as a fool, scorned by the man you had laid with, the man who had made you belief that there was still hope for a better world, the man that had clouded your eyes with pretty words and a new way of thinking that mirrored your own.

↠ cutting your arm off seemed like a good idea *at the time*. with the mark killing you and there being nothing on this earth that could stop it, you figured "hey why not. if it's not a part of my body then it can't kill me right?"

↠ you honestly got really drunk after your meeting with solas and made a slew of bad decisions- one of which was letting Iron Bull cut off your arm because you thought him being a qunari would be able to make it quick and painless, right?

↠ to be honest, you have phantom limb syndrome and go to use your left arm and it's not there. this causes you to be really depressed sometimes.

a possible sixth blight are you fucking kidding me?

↠ and solas possibly going crazy and becoming the next archdemon doesn't sound too fun either.

↠ forming the council of dragons was *mostly* your idea. you still had the itch in your chest to make the world a better place, and knowing that it was going to rot while you sat back and did nothing left a horrible taste in your mouth.

↠ you didn't want to become another leader. you felt as though your battle scars and wounded soul was enough to dismiss you of the title. you were inquisitor once, you didn't want to have to bear the burden of raising another army and having those to look up to you again. -- honestly you just didn't want to become a borderline power hungry, raving lunatic again.

↠ you decided to become an advisor to the war commander for the council. in hindsight, you're more like obi wan when he trained luke, except add in some more emo edginess and an over exasperated sigh every five minutes.

↠ solas haunts your dreams every night. sometimes he's in his normal form, sometimes he's a wolf or a raven, or something that so easily blends in to the background that you're barely able to recognize him. when you reach out to him he vanishes, like a ghost of a memory that you so longingly cling to with every fiber of your being. you can't tell if it's actually him or if your mind is trying to torture you. regardless, every morning you wake up with a tear stained pillow and start the day by drowning yourself in chasing sack mead. the alcohol doesn't make your pain go away, but it makes your mind just fuzzy enough for you to forget it for a while.

It is Sylaise who gave us fire and taught us how to use it.
It is Sylaise who showed us how to heal with herbs and with magic, and how to ease the passage of infants into this world.
And again, it is Sylaise who showed us how to spin
the fibers of plants into thread and rope.
"may the fire protect you in my absence, may the wolf guide you on your journey."

↠ you were born with the name briawyn, a child of the earth.

↠ you were always close with your sister- both being opposite halves to the same whole. while you stayed at the home-tree and sang and made art, andruil hunted and played.

↠ you were reborn as goddess sylaise, the hearthkeeper. fire was your most prized element. you taught your people to cook the meat your husband provided them, since he provided them with the bows for the hunt, as well as how to weave rope and thread.

↠ although june was your husband, it was more out of practicality. you owed him a favor, and in turn, you became his wife to repay your debt.

↠ you found yourself falling in love with the fen'harel on a whim. it wasn't something you were expecting, nor did you believe that it was true. this man was a trickster, deceitful and manipulative; how could you be so certain his intentions with you were pure?

↠ as your feelings progressed for the trickster, it came to light how true his feelings were for you. he fashioned for you cloaks made of wolf fur, your staff adorned a wolf totem that was carved in his image.

↠ you two created a phrase of endearment that was unique to just the two of you. you would speak it whenever you two would be apart for long periods of time: "may the fire protect you in my absence, may the wolf guide you on your journey." or in opposition, "may the wolf protect you as i travel, may the fire light your way." ↠ you kept your relationship a secret, and hid all his gifts- storing them in a hollow tree that only you knew the location of. you both agreed that it would be best to keep your affair secret- it would cause too much tension between the gods; it would cause a fight between the fen'harel and your husband. and, you couldn't bare to watch june be killed, for you knew that the fen'harel was stronger.

↠ the fen'harel was your true love, your husband just your husband in title, even though you would not admit it to anyone but your own thoughts. it was hard for you to keep these feelings from your husband- and even more so from your sister. you had learned of her feelings for the fen'harel early on in your secret relationship.

↠ you felt as though you were betraying your sister with your feelings- for she had loved him first; he just never returned her feelings. you hated yourself for feeling love and passion towards the man that your sister sought; but you could not find yourself to waiver your feelings for the fen'harel no matter how hard you tried.

↠ you couldn't help falling in love with him. he was caring, passionate about your people. he entrusted in you his feelings about the slavery that your people's culture created, and how he wanted to change the world to make it better. and you foolishly believed in him.

↠ the great betrayal came as a shock to you, and as much as you tried to harden your heart to the feelings you once felt for the man who single-handedly betrayed the gods- you couldn't.

↠ you fell from the heavens, and crashed into your prison- isolated from your family, from your sister and your husband.

↠ cracks started to form in the walls of your prison, and you were able to allow small amounts of your essence to seep through and attempt to find a host to help you regain your strength.

↠ she was only five when you found her. this small child so full of passion and fire, you could not help yourself to become drawn to her.

you were disregarded as a playful spirit by her keeper, and you so desperately wanted to prove her wrong- feeling as though being called a 'spirit' was an insult to your power

↠ you helped her survive the fade, and the chaos that your lover had created.

↠ you felt her pain every time the energy of the anchor cut her down, you cried with her as it even hurt your being. when she cut her arm off you wept because you could do nothing to help her- and you felt powerless.

↠ you rarely made your presence known to her, but always stood in the back of her mind, silently influencing her choices in life and in war.

↠ every time her and solas- your fen'harel would kiss, you felt passion swell in your chest. you didn't know if she loved him out of true love and attraction- or if you had influenced her in that aspect as well.

if you knew asha before becoming the inquisitor, you more than likely had mixed feelings about her. she's a dalish elf born and raised in the free marches. her clan was unlike most dalish clans since they freely traded and interacted with humans all while preserving their culture and the old elvish ways. asha was the keeper's first, so she had a certain image of dignity to uphold- one of which she would bomb through the mudd on an almost daily basis.

because of her fiery and wild personality, she was often regarded as a disappointment to a lot of her clan; but her keeper still kept faith in her young padawan for whatever reason. otherwise, you may also know her as the knife-ear that set a barn on fire, killing a lower level noble's son- yeah, not a proud moment for her (in the public eye at least). this little mage got into a lot of trouble as a child; and i wish i could say she mellowed out when she was older.

it seemed like age only caused the fire in her soul to burn brighter. she became a borderline perfectionist because she was tired of seeing the disappointment in her keeper's eyes. she was incredibly talented at inferno magic- i know, ironic, as it manifested at a young age and the keeper did everything she could to keep the templars and circle off asha's scent (which is more than likely why the clan traveled and didn't stay in one town for too long).

✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹

if you met asha after she became the herald, you more than likely had mixed feelings for her as well.

she was definitely not prepared for a war- she was just a simple elf girl that was now thrown into a position that she didn't understand -- calling her the herald of andraste was laughable, and into a world that she could barely comprehend.

you more than honestly saw her break down a couple of times- some face of the inquisition.

even though she was being trained to be the next keeper for her clan, she was no where prepared for the inquisition.

she would be very contrite in public. she would keep a formal attitude, and only joke with those she was truly close to (varric was definitely a blessing when she needed someone to fuck around with). but she had a completely different viewpoint on the world that was refreshing in this chaotic world.

✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹

if you met asha now, you wouldn't have known she was an incredibly free spirited person.

asha now is a very edgy, distant and cold person. she has seen some shit, and thus she doesn't take shit.

she is pissed off at the world- mainly because her ex-love interest turned out to be an all power deity that is planning on destroying the world and she feels incredibly used; but is still in love with him so she has matches of emotionally wrestling with her own feelings on a daily basis.

✹ ✹ ✹ ✹ ✹

friends asha more than likely has made a ton of alliances during the four years she's been dealing with the inquisition and now with the circle of dragons. she only has a few close personal friends that she would trust with her life, however, but just because she doesn't consider you her inner circle doesn't mean that you aren't important to her.

enemies of course she gained a lot of these along the way as well. first off she's a dalish elf that was proclaimed to be the herald of andraste for almost two years- of course that's going to piss some people off. and aside from that, regardless of her race, there were people against the inquisition to start, so she would automatically become public enemy number one in that regard. otherwise, there's more than likely a few people she pissed off in the free marches growing up.

lovers this is such a slippery slope. asha is completely emotionally devoted to solas, even though he's a prick in her opinion and she's currently trying to stop him from destroying the world. she's going through an emotional roller coaster of loving him, being destroyed by his betrayal and feeling like it was somehow her fault, and then going out to whatever tavern she can find, getting incredibly intoxicated and more than likely waking up in the bed of some stranger the next day. and she repeats this process on pretty much a weekly basis. currently her heart belongs to that crazy fen'harel we all love to hate and hate to love, but that doesn't mean that her body is closed off to the public, and she is more than happy to engage in a night of pleasure just to forget all the shit going through her head.

what's up party people??! my name is mocha. i'm twenty four, and head admin here at gasoline.

a full disclosure about me: i curse like a sailor and will not apologize for it. except for this one time when i apologize in advance.

i currently reside in the incredibly land locked state of iowa- yayyyyy.

i'm currently a stay at home mom so i have a ton of time to spend on the interwebs and be active on the site. otherwise, i'm about to start a work at home customer service job, but even then i'll still be able to be active and whatnot.

i have a one year old son that i adore greatly. and i also live with two cats and a dog- one of the cats being named mocha which is where i got my alias from (don't judge me)

aside from being a huge gamer- if any of y'all want my Xbox gamer tag just lemme know! :D i'm also into anime, heavy metal, harry potter, lord of the rings, game of thrones, star wars, doctor who, and a whole bunch of other nerdy stuff as well as having kids shows play in the background of my life because #momlife.

if you ever need to get a hold of me for whatever reason, i am available via pm. but for immediate response, please reach out to me via my discord listed above. it's on my phone and literally up ALL.THE.TIME.


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""when there are no cops around, everything is legal!"" DISCORD: mochairishcreme#3689
she/her // central // mature?: hell yes // Offline
hero class: mage
spec: necromancer
race: elf

Welcome to Gasoline! We are super stoked to have you here! Your app was super swell and HOLY CRAP THAT TOOK FOREVER TO TYPE. But I love my little fire elf so I can't really complain.

Edgy little teenager is edgy.

Now that you have been approved, please fill out all appropriate claims:
MEMBER DIRECTORY - with your OCC account

Thank you for joining the Gasoline family, and happy roleplaying!

Don't forget: now that you have been accepted, you can start shipping with other characters! Go crazy!

"I sort to set my people free from slavery to would-be gods." DISCORD: n/a
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hero class: mage
spec: rift mage
race: elf
I know we like got the basic's sorted out but I thought.. Why not! So.. Solas will be visiting her in her dreams.. and if she is completely intoxicated he is totally going to show up! Either way be prepared for the whole 'You have been busy' etc and tutting..

user posted image
"“Common ground is the start of all negotiations.”" DISCORD: CORI_WONDERLAND#1774
she/her // pacific // mature?: yes // Offline
hero class: Rogue
spec: N/A
race: Human

just posting this in one thread, but can we please have a goddamn group thread with Cassandra, Asha, Cullen, and Josie (no Leliana yet, wah) and have them like talking about the order of the dragons and reminiscing??? @CULLEN RUTHERFORD @CASSANDRA PENTAGHAST @ASHAREN LAVELLAN @MOCHA @ZEN @DAN

"maybe life should be about more than surviving?" DISCORD: mochairishcreme#3689
// // mature?: // Offline
hero class: warrior
spec: guardian
race: elf
I SUPPORT THIS 100000000%- but we won't have Varric to put his own spin on how things happened.
"armour laced with blood, shall reclaim his name" DISCORD: autolock-pharah#5123
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hero class: warrior
spec: red templar
race: human


"Do what you will, Inquisitor. Your kind always does."

I keep watching the judgment scene the inquis gets after defeating Samson at the Well, and it gave me some ideas for a bit of an antagonistic relationship between these two, or maybe it can be a tale of redemption. Samson resents the Inquisitor for his capture, but beyond that he resents the Inquisitor for the defeat of the red templars and the deaths of the many that led to her victory. His quest to destroy chantry symbols could really just be a way to lure out remnants of the inquisition.

I'm not entirely sure on how they can meet, perhaps we'll put some npc red templars in there and have someone in the new order learn about a possible red templar resurgence through the grapevine? Then they might meet in conflict, and drama ensues.

It's not the most fleshed out plot I've written so far, so do feel free to add/subtract or throw some more ideas my way! Samson would love to talk to the inquisitor who destroyed everything he held dear.


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