GASOLINE is a post Tresspasser Dragon Age: Inquisition roleplay set in 9:50 Wintermarch, Dragon. The Inquisition has been disbanded, refusing to bend knee to the Chantry. Solas knows to much about the inquisition anyways- their weaknesses, fears, names, who their families are. He could use this information to his advantage if they were to revolt against him. He plans on destroying the world, creating a new one in his perfect image. Release the Evanuris, bring the world back to the time of the elves. But, unknown to most of the world, Solas is slowly becoming corrupted- and rumors of the sixth blight and a new archdemon emerging are lose on the tongues of spies and maids alike. The new Inquisition, under it's new alias, works diligently from the shadows and away from the eyes of nobility and the hierarchy of Orlais and Ferelden to gain information and armies to combat this new threat on the horizon. The fate of Thedas is in your hands- what role will you play in it's future? Will you be the light in the storm, or the gasoline that helps it to burn?

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""when there are no cops around, everything is legal!"" DISCORD: mochairishcreme#3689
she/her // central // mature?: hell yes // Offline
hero class: mage
spec: necromancer
race: elf

Use this code to keep up with who plays who on the forum! Please, one post for all of your characters please~

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""when there are no cops around, everything is legal!"" DISCORD: mochairishcreme#3689
she/her // central // mature?: hell yes // Offline
hero class: mage
spec: necromancer
race: elf

↠ Her name is pronounced Ah·sha·wren (ignore the crappy diction), and she gets super pissed when people pronounce her name wrong
↠ Little Dalish elf firecracker.
↠ Equivalent of a hippie in Thedas.
↠ Was a super disappointment to her keeper when she was younger, become a semi-perfectionist because of it.
↠ Used to be the Inquisitor and almost let the power go to her head.
↠ Amputee by choice- willingly her lower arm off at the elbow because she's a bamf- after a shit ton of drinks and a few protests from Cassandra later.
↠ Used to date Solas- feels like that was a big mistake. *is secretly still in love with him and wants to make this whole war and possible sixth blight just stahp*
↠ Is currently an edgy little mf and created the Council of Dragons in secret.
↠ Decided that she wasn't going to be leader, and passed that shit on quicker than the plague. Because fuck being a power hungry lunatic.


★ son of a viscount and a pretty much hippie dwarf. is the middle child with a asshole older brother and a sister who he adores.
★ first picked up a bow when he was five years old and became incredibly skilled in archery.
★ his mother left when we was young and caused his father to become an alcoholic- which made him an even bigger asshole than he was sober.
★ velkin left home when he was sixteen he was basically disowned due to not being able to give his father an heir. he's gay af
★ found out his mother died during the fifth blight- did not handle it well
★ his brother and father were killed when a village was attacked during the war with the inquisition.
★ his sister was left blind because of this attack, he's literally killing himself to take care of her.
★ he's dying of something that no one can tell him what it is.


✞ was born to a forth generation grey warden- the guy went crazy after the fifth blight and did some bad things to her.
✞ she ended up cutting his hand off in defense against him when she was fourteen and then left home not too long after.
✞ is a bamf with a sword. she fought a drake and won
✞ she sold her body for coin after she ran away from home, it helped her forget and cope with her horrible ptsd
✞ she met a tevniter mage when she was fifteen and fell in love with him
✞ he died during the battle at haven- she doesn't really know how to cope with it even after four years, and she's still kind of numb because of it.
✞ she joined the chargers six months ago and is absolutely in love (not romantically) with iron bull-- she finds him incredibly comical and can't help but laugh at how rash he is and he's the complete opposite of her


ღ queen of edge
ღ demisexual dalish warden who is totally and absolutely in love with shaewen
ღ absolutely hates humans for destroying shae's clan
secretly a human serial killer but wears a mask and uses a different sword so no one knows it's her so she doesn't get kicked out of the wardens
ღ she'll cut you if you look at her wrong
ღ there's legit only three people she actually cares about and trusts- two of which she's slept with


☼ tevinter hottie possessed by the nightmare demon
☼ the eldest of five children with two younger sisters and two younger brothers
☼ caius had to watch one of his sisters turn into an abomination and had the pleasure of killing her it- it messed him up pretty bad
☼ cauis was a knight captain when he was twenty five
☼ he slept around with a mage named caelestia lunaris, as well as multiple random women because why not
☼ the nightmare feeds off your fears and makes you live your greatest fears and most terrible nightmares
☼ he thinks the mortal world is incredibly boring and dreads every moment he's on this earth
☼ is lowkey pissed at corypheus for using him as a pawn during the breach war
☼ currently just aimlessly wanders thedas doing odd hitman jobs because damn the inquisitioner for disbanding the templars


✵ qunari asshole
✵ originally worked for the ben-hassrath as a tallis
✵ got tired of the repetiveness of the qun and left- becoming an honorable tal-vashoth
✵ is currently trying to conquer nymira amell because hey why not
✵ total narcissist and holds fast to the belief that the qunari are the superior race


☾ the dwarf behind the name- the myth, the legend behind varric's crossbow and she honestly thinks he's an idiot for naming it after her but whatever
☾ mechanical genius
☾ was paragon but gave it up because she didn't like the limelight- fucked up some shit between her and her family
☾ her husband, bogden, became an asshole after that and is now the biggest man-whore around
☾ was supposed to marry varric when they were younger- honestly regrets it now
☾ won't admit it but she still has feelings for him
☾ has a shop in val royeaux where she spends most of her time


♛ coming soon !


♫ will add info later


coming soon


coming soon

"BANANAAAA!!" DISCORD: danward #1390
// // mature?: // Offline
hero class: Ailen!
spec: Chaossss
race: Minion

- The great Gaxkang!
- Betrayed by the Dread Wolf
- Was summoned by a mage at first,
- Defeated by Hero of Ferelden and banished back into the Fade
- Spent many years waiting, plotting until he found a new host!
- Host is of Northern decent. (will have an accent!)
- Now is about to bring chaos to the world!


- Spirit of love!
- A spirt of the fade, that took the form of a child
- Best friends with Keiran
- Has gone out of the fade, despite how ill that technically makes her
- Think, small excited happy child! physically only 13


- Pure innocence, Virgin and only 21!
- An elf orginally from Denerim Alienage
- Was brought and sent to work for nobleman at the age of 16
- Escaped the noblemans home during a seige.
- survived for months of berries, until was found by the Lavellan clan
- Spent a few years with them and learned how to use a bow (still not great at it)


- - Ex Templar and decided against taking Lyrium so is Lyrium free!
- Retired Commander of the Inqusition, currently farming (with a dog as his only companion)
- A member of the new and reformed inquistion under a new Alias
- Currently single, and available eheh! - Has just come out of his farming lufestyle and back into the world of mages and magic! Poor Cullen..


- THE Grey Warden
- Queen of Ferelden
- Married to Alistair
- She's just getting back into the whole.. hands dirty situation!
- Still has her hound called 'Beast' although.. he's certainly getting older : (


- - A dwarf for starters!
- Current Merchant in Denerim, selling weapons
- Ex-Knight of Warrior Caste in Ozammar
- Secret Lover of Orla Aeducan
- Exiled from Ozammar due to Orla's supposed involvement
- During his duty and exile, sustained an inury to his sword arm
- Can still fight, but movements are slower and he suffers after.
- Older dwarf is trying to arrange a marriage between his daughter and Gorim


- Or Fen' Harel, Dread Wolf etc
- Rude, slitghly obnoxious holds rather little regard for human life...
- Mage, specializing in the Rift and Spirit.
- In tormented love with Lavellan
-Is plotting world domination/destruction
- Gather wayward elevs as we speak.


- Bad ass Qunari
- Spent years in Kirkwall in the Qunari compond.
- Was the Arishok's biatch but developed feelings! (Bad move)
- Knows of Hawke
- Is no longer part of the qun, recently turned Tal-Vashoth for three years.

"I'm a whole lot of kpop with a pinch of kdrama " DISCORD: Zen #9243
He/Him // Pacific // mature?: Yesss // Offline
hero class: Rogue
spec: Kpop Addict
race: Human
Saskia Blackwood

- Grew up in the Tevinter Imperium
- Knew Fenris as a child and they were best friends
- Was taken to the Circle of Magi in Ferelden when she was seven
- She fled to the Free Marches after the Circle of Magi was destroyed during the Fifth Blight
- She assisted Hawke and the others in the final battle at Kirkwall
- She is now a mercenary in Orlais, she is also searching for Fenris
- She doesn't make friends easily but has a nice and kind personality
- She's more of a go with the flow kind of person - She doesn't choose sides and thinks it is foolish to do so

Cassandra Pentaghast

- Born into the Pentaghast family, lost her brother to blood mages, her parents had been executed by the king at the time
- Her uncle sent her to the Seekers of Truth, until she eventually finished her studies and joined them
- She was mentored by Seeker Byron, who attempted to save Avexis, but died doing so
- Cassandra met Galyan during her quest to save Avexis, he taught her that not all mages are the same
- Cassandra became the Right Hand of the Divine after saving the people of Orlais from Frenic
- Assisted the Inquisitor in closing the Breach, joined the Order of Dragons afterwards and is currently after Solas
- She's brash and doesn't make friends well, has more enemies than friends, honestly
- She can be seen as cold and emotionless, with the occasional sly remark here and there


- Born in Starkhaven alongside her twin sister, Lorelai D'Augustine
- Her parents were killed by darkspawn during the Fifth Blight, causing her to find refuge in Kirkwall, where she became a prostitute at The Blooming Rose
- Pandora has always hated her job at the brothel, she is a lesbian, so she finds it quite revolting to have to sleep with men
- When her sister found her, Pandora was coaxed into being possessed by a Desire Demon known as Kitty
- Kitty now roams the land, looking for people to manipulate and such, she kept Pandora's job at The Blooming Rose as she enjoyed being a prostitute, much to Pandora's disliking

Jules Rathbone

- Jules grew up in Orlais, in a home where his father beat him almost every night until he was numb to the pain, his mother would only stand idly by, never doing anything to stop it
- Jules endured the pain and has many scars from the beating, but when he turned eighteen, he finally had enough and he started planning the murder of his parents
- Two days before his twentieth birthday, Jules finally acted out his plans and then fled the city of Val Royeaux
- He became a freelance assassin and skips from town to town, at this moments, he's currently in Kirkwall under the alias "J"
- Jules is really cold, sarcastic, and doesn't really like making friends
- On the other hands, he's pretty much a psychopath, he kills when he wants and for enjoyment, not for payment
- No one wants to get on Jules' bad side because they should pretty much consider themselves dead, no kidding
- He pretty much despises everything in the world, including himself, so most of the time only hatred is the emotion anyone will be witnessing


- His mother died while giving birth to him and left him to his father
- During his childhood, Val got sick at some point and was on the brink of death so his father borrowed money in order to get him the treatment he needed
- After his father didn't pay back his debt in time, the 'loan sharks' came to the house and roughed it up, including giving Val his scar
- His father tried to raise enough money to pay back the men, but failed once more and this led to Val getting kidnapped
- His father attempted to save him, but died in the process after Val's life was threatened and as payment, the men took in Val as their own
- Val accepted his new lifestyle and even grew to call the one who raised him 'father'
- Val took over his father's position as a blacksmith when he fell ill, which is when Val found out his fathers entire thieving business
- Val kept getting threatened to pay them back and most recently, his wife was kidnapped, so Val is now all over the place looking for her

Echo Lefévre

- Echo was born into the arms of her loving mother. She was the youngest of three children, with two older brothers
- Her brothers died due to an anonymous source and her mother shut down completely, forcing Echo to beg for money and then become a barmaid once she was of age
- Later on, Echo was able to become a bard and she began making more money in order to provide for her mother and herself
- Her mother came out of her shell later and started spending more time out at night
- Her mother surprised Echo that she was pregnant and then died while having the child
- Echo took the child in as her own and named her Shadow, she is now taking care of her, making sure she had a better than than she had
- Echo is very kind and sweet, she enjoys talking to others and making new friends is one of her favorite past times


- Lucius is the son of a poor man who drinks to conceal his emotions, which caused Lucius to suffer from abandonment which led to him trying to take his life many times, all which failed
- He is now possessed by Falon'Din, the God of Death and Fortune, the twin brother of Dirthamen
- Falon'Din is a kind soul and very wise so he was easily able to adapt himself to Lucius' body and soul, which the boy accepted
- Falon'Din became the God of Death, the one who guided spirits to the Veil after they died when he took pity on a dying deer and carried her to a part in in order to let her spirit roam free, and then he vowed to help anyone to the Veil
- Falon'Din is mostly a nice person, but he does hold some hatred towards Fen'Harel for getting him and all of the other gods trapped
- Falon'Din enjoys helping others and has an understanding of love for all living creatures, though he had never experienced romantic love and Lucius emotion is like a giant roller coaster for him


- Was born in the Tevinter Imperium to his mother and the magister that controlled her, she was forced to marry him by her own father
- His mother fled after finding out his was a mage in order to keep his away from his father, so that his magic wouldn't be used for evil
- She left the child in her brother's care, and Nikolai's uncle took care of him as if he were his own
- Nikolai grew up well with a fascination with his own magic, even though his uncle always told him to ignore it and keep it a secret
- Nikolai never listened and was caught practicing his magic, resulting in his uncle kicking him out on the streets, it took Nikolai two years to get back on his feet and open his own doctor's clinic
- He uses both regular uses of healing and spiritual uses in order to practice with his magic, he turns no one away and will treat every patient that walks through the door
- He has met a certainly evil woman and has fallen in love with her as of now
- Nikolai talks very high of himself though he is in fact afraid of confrontation, he would rather fly than fight


- Was born in the Tevinter Imperium, where her parents were slaves to one of the magisters; they would come home with new bruises every day
- When Lora was a little bit older, after her mother had found out she was mage, she brought her to the middle of the woods and left her there in order to protect her
- Lora was taken in by a nearby Dalish clan and they looked after her for years to come
- Later in her life, Lora gave into the whispers that she's been hearing over the years, and she now practices blood magic, she had risked her own health in order to do it
- After giving in and gaining new power, she went back to Tevinter and killed the magister that had her parents enslaved, her parents had already been dead long before that
- Lora hates humans because of that and now she wants all of them to die because of it, that's basically her agenda
- She's sort of sweet, but also dangerous and manipulative


- Has no idea who is real parents are, he was left on a doorstep as a child and Lukas Everhart took him in as one of his own
- He was raised like a little warrior with a lot of training with swords and other combat
- When he was eighteen, he accompanied his dad on a smuggling job and got an arrow in the shoulder
- Officially joined the business when he was twenty, his dad gave him as bar as a reward
- He is now his father's second in command and he basically runs the smuggling business through his bar
- Ace is very kind and is also quite protective over those he loves


- He was born in Antiva City to two pretty loving parents, it was a kind of inbetween thing, they gave him food and roof over his head so he was a happy child
- He fell in love throughout his teenage years and they'd been together for a while until she was brutally murdered and he was forced to watch her die while holding her in his arms
- Because of this, he turned off his emotions essentially and went after the men that killed her, brutally murdering all of them in terrible ways
- And now that that has happened, he has kind of fallen off the deep end and is now a psychotic killer posing as a baker in Antiva
- He's kind because he wants to keep up appearances, but he has a really dark mind and will kill anyone he feels like killing


- She was born prematurely and everyone thought that she was going to die, but she proved everyone wrong and became a very strong child
- She looked up to her mother as her role model after her mother became a Silent Sister
- Determined to be a Silent Sister herself, Zesi learned the language of the women from her mother and when the time of her blooding came, she was perfectly prepared
- She got through her blooding relatively quickly and is now an official Silent Sister with her translator being her best friend
- Zesi is very kind but can be quite intimidating when she is angry, she is also very loyal to her fellow Silent Sisters

"." DISCORD: Basileus#8715
// // mature?: // Offline
hero class: .
spec: .
race: Human
Gregor Cahail

-Orphaned by blood magic as a child, forced to kill his own brother

-Old as fuck Seeker of Truth

-Viewed as a maverick by most of his colleagues, a trait that surpisingly saved his life considering he disregarded the Lord Seekers command to go to Caer Oswin

-Obsessed with uncovering the origins of Blood Magic

-Had a child with a mage

-Founded the Band of Three

Gerod Caron

-Warden-Commander of Orlais

-Sent by the First Warden to rebuild the Orlesian Grey Wardens

-Unyielding and relentless in his pursuit of reclaiming the Orlesian Grey Warden's honour

-Currently sidelining and purging the order of those who sided with his predecessor, viewing them as a disease which must be removed


-Born in Darktown in Kirkwall

-Abandoned to the Templars at first sign of magic

-Went down on the slippery slope of blood magic after the battle of Kirkwall.

-Lost control to bloodlust and massacred most of her friends, more or less a serial killer now


-Magister of the Tevinter Imperium

-Possessed by Elgar'nan

-One pissed off god who is here to fuck shit up.

"No day but today." DISCORD: cori_wonderland#1774
// // mature?: // Offline
hero class: Warrior
spec: Blood Made
race: Human

~ A witch of the wilds, born to the infamous Flemeth. ~ Saved the Hero of Ferelden, Elissa Cousland, and the King of Ferelden, Alistair Theirin, when Ostagar fell. ~ Joined the Warden and assisted them in ending the Fifth Blight.
~ A natural shape-shifter, taking the form of any beast.
~ Slept with Alistair in order to birth a child that would absorb the archdemon's essence.
~ Fled to the Fade with her child in order to raise him on her own.
~ Was stabbed by the Warden after Elissa went hunting for her and her child.
~ Lost her son Kieran, when he decided to disappear into the realm of Thedas.
~ Joined the Orlesian court by becoming the Arcane Advisor to Empress Celene, while searching for Kieran.
~ Became and Ambassador of the Orlesian Court to the Inquisition.
~ Discovered her mother, Flemish, was possessed by Mythal, one of the Evanuris.
~ Witnessed Flemeth stealing the old god soul from her son's body, whom she lost again.


~ Born to the prestigious Aeducan family, Orla was destined for great things.
~ Was named Military Commander by her father.
~ Won the Proving in her own honor during the celebration of her new position.
~ Discovered that many people, including the Assembly, wished to see her on the throne.
~ Forever in love with her former second, Gorim Saelac.
~ Was tricked into a battle that ended with her brother, Trian's, death.
~ Was forced into exile in the Deep Roads, where she joined the Grey Wardens at Duncan's request.
~ Survived the Battle at Ostagar and continued to assist the Grey Wardens in other nations as darkspawn continued to trickle out in small packs.
~ Is hell bent on destroying her brother Bhelen for his deceit.


~ Born into a poverty-stricken family in the Tevinter Imperium.
~ Had a human best friend who lived next door, his first and only love.
~ Was bought by Danarius, a magister who used his slave relentlessly.
~ Sold his body at the behest of his corrupted master.
~ Forced to compete in order to save his mother and sister, Varania.
~ Freed his mother and sister from slavery, when he won the competition against the other slaves.
~ Was tattooed with lyrium upon his skin, causing him to obtain supernatural powers, such as phasing, and strange glowing marks on his flesh.
~ Escaped from Danarius, and fled to Kirkwall, where he could plan his master's demise.
~ Joined Hawke's party and helped him defend Kirkwall by defeating the Qunari and assisting in the Mage-Templar war.
~ Was injured during the final battle and saved by Saskia, an apostate.
~ Killed Danarius and let his sister live, despite her being a mage.
~ Left to hunt down slavers and free slaves like him.
~ Has no memory of his past before the lyrium.


~ Born in Starkhaven.
~ Has a twin sister named Pandora.
~ Was sent to the Circle of Magi at 10 years old.
~ Fled when the Circle fell.
~ Is possessed by Xebenkec, the Forgotten Ones, of the Forbidden Ones of Elven lore.
~ Allowed Pandora to be possessed by a lesser demon, Kitty.
~ Is plotting the destruction of all things.
~ Wants to destroy Solas for imprisoning her.

"i'm defying gravity" DISCORD: aislinn ~ #6354
// // mature?: // Offline
hero class: mage
spec: spirit healer
race: human

- out for herself
- promiscuous lil pirate
- foul mouthed alcoholic
- sometimes righteous (if it suits her; usually in freeing slaves)
- queen of the eastern seas
- wears little clothes (tunic, corset, & boots)
- don't tell her what to do
- (i'll add more later)

"Hallo my name is Xan" DISCORD: #3429
// // mature?: // Offline
hero class: Mage
spec: Arcane Warrior
race: Human(ish)

  • Born in Lothering, sent to Circle Tower young
  • Passed Harrowing at 16
  • Fought in Battle of Ostagar
  • Joined with Spirit of Valor
  • Bonded with a Mabari that he named Fen (Wolf in Elvish)
  • Escorted refugees with a band called Grey Knights-Errant
  • Learned Arcane Warrior magic from Valor
  • Defended Marketplace during Battle of Denerim
  • Second Grey Warden inducted after Fifth Blight
  • Senior Warden of Ferelden
  • Defended and improved Vigil's Keep
  • Spirit of Valor became Spirit of Vigilance
  • Fought demons with the Inquisition
  • Present day

"justice rains from above" DISCORD: autolock-pharah#5123
// // mature?: // Offline
hero class: rogue
spec: tempest
race: human

▶ former general of the red templars.
▶ corrupted with red lyrium, can make it grow.
▶ sometimes glows red on account of his corruption.
▶ everything tastes like lyrium.
▶ absolute hatred of the chantry.
▶ defeated and captured by the inquisition in emprise du lion.
▶ escaped during the events of the exalted council.
▶ still believes in the righteousness of his cause.
▶ is determined to find remnants of the inquisition.
▶ searches for and eliminates anything chantry related.
▶ used to be a good man, but that was too long ago.

"Jesus tapdancing Christ on a cracker!" DISCORD: Poppet#2477
He/Him/His // PST // mature?: Yes // Offline
hero class: Smart-ass
spec: Sarcasm
race: Bruja

He has grown up following the tradition of preserving the Imperium's magical and historical treasures, which has given him an in-depth history of the Tevinter Imperium. With being a Tevinter mage comes the sense of magic being superior to the art of the sword....yet it is still an essential skill in its own right. Unlike most Tevinter nobles, he treats the "household help" with a much more humane attitude.

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